Currently, INSICO is one of the few Italian companies
offering this kind of processing.


INSICO’s technical department, equipped with the best technologies and managed by highly experienced planners, represents the point of departure for every development and productive process.


INSICO’s production department, in pursuit of technological innovation, has equipped its assembly lines with machinery capable of speeding up signage production, increasing quality and standardizing results. The production department is able to assure an efficient production volume, reducing the time lapse from an order to the actual production of the product as much as possible.

The company’s production processes are guaranteed and monitored thanks to the application of the UNI EN ISO 9001 system, related to the “planning and production of regular and luminous road signs”.


The DURST 162 printer, part of INSICO’s production line, represents the best available digital printing technology for reflective supports; in fact it is able to transfer any type of symbol or description onto reflective supports, guaranteeing the result as required by N.C.d.S. lasting 10 years in class 2 or higher, and 7 years in class 1.

INSICO offers a complete service regarding the planning and drawing up of road markings, using different types of paint when necessary, from reflective traffic divider paint to epoxy.


INSICO supports and collaborates with national and international entities, but also with private companies who need a redevelopment of their signage, whether it’s a new plant or just ordinary maintenance. By means of our Technical Department, where intervention ideas are developed and executive signage plan projects are carried out, INSICO is a trusted partner for efficiently developing the conditions of all interested areas. Where necessary, measurements of the status quo are done using specific software that is able to uniquely locate any signage set up on blueprints, thereby obtaining the magnitude of the existing signs.

INSICO firmly believes in its entrepreneurial capabilities and in the future technical development of its sector, it currently occupies a place of distinction in the panorama of roadway signage in Italy.