Urban decor

Innovation, style, technique

Our street furniture fit harmoniously within a defined context.

Innovation, technique, and most of all style, have always been characterized in the world by Italian products. The INSICO staff, who has worked in the signage sector for almost thirty years, aims to transfer these Italian qualities to a product like road signs, transforming a simple means of roadway communication into an esthetically pleasing element which harmoniously fits into the urban context.



The planning and study of urban decor signage requires not only the respect of the New Road Code and the directives contained in the UNI EN 12899.1, but also that of esthetic factors: in fact, it is important that urban decor fits in a harmonious way into a defined context like a city, town, or urban, commercial and industrial areas. Furthermore, attention to detail permits us to develop the single elements in order to obtain a higher esthetic and architectural quotient coupled with an easier installation or substitution.


The construction technique of the components allows us to keep production and any necessary maintenance costs at a minimum. The use of highly reflective films (Class 2a Special) gives the signs a high security grade in visual perception, as well as a strong esthetic impact. Thanks to great attention to detail, different color combinations available and the flexibility of the composition, our products can be integrated harmoniously into any kind of urban area (streets, roads, squares, etc.).