Railway signs

Survey, Planning and Resolution

We meet the broader demands of railway signaling and refracting light.

The INSICO staff has worked for many years in the railway sector in regards to the planning and production of fixed, standard and lighted signage systems for Railway Stations.


The signage produced respects the guidelines set forth by RFI. Planning and survey support are supplied with the objective of reaching the correct emission of the specifics of production and delivering the relative project to the interested party, who, thanks to this tool, can easily coordinate the operations of placement and maintenance.


INSICO’s planning and development department collaborates with RFI to resolve any type of critical issue present in the planning of a new station or in the modernization of existing stations, modifying or creating new signage solutions that respect the guidelines set forth by RFI. INSICO, thanks to its production department, is also able to satisfy the biggest requests for lighted and reflective railway signs.