Lighted signs

Visibility, Safety, Certifications

The signage designed and built by INSICO receives the CE marking as per applicable laws.

INSICO, thanks to its planning and development department and thanks to the collaboration with important European societies, is able to develop different types of backlit signs capable of surpassing the light technology evidence indicated in the UNI EN 12899.1 and requests from the Ministry of Infrastructure to obtain approval.
Thanks to advanced light technology studies and the implementation of innovative products, different types of backlit devices have been developed, employed together with an active system (internal illumination) and a passive one (light reflected by vehicles).


INSICO has certified two main types of active back lighting systems: The first is based on light diffusion technology, a system that combines low consumption, long lasting fluorescent lights with particular internal optical diffusers, allowing for a greater diffusion of light while fully respecting the required chromatic values for all colors according to the UNI EN 12899.1; the second is based instead on LED technology, both direct and tangential, fully respecting the required chromatic values for all colors according to the UNI EN 12899.1.


With the goal of creating a perfectly visible sign, even in the case of unplanned and sudden loss of electricity, the luminous device adopts a passive reflection system of the light emitted. Such a system is realized with the use of particular Class 2a Special retro-reflective semi-transparent films, using the digital printer DURST 162, thanks to which, visual and lasting results are obtained from materials that are otherwise impossible to obtain using traditional methods.


The ANAS memo n°7735 from 08/09/1999 called for a series of interventions with the aim of increasing tunnel circulation safety; among these interventions were those regarding the use of backlit road signs inside the tunnels. For this special type of sign INSICO invested and continues to invest a great deal, taking an active role in the planning and production of all types of requests by the memo itself and its successive national and international modifications.
INSICO is able to satisfy the requests of the commission by way of the construction of signs which, using many backlighting systems calibrated according to type and dimension, surpass positively all the trials necessary to obtain the CE label, as required by the UNI EN 12899.1.


The ANAS memo from 1999 and later versions, introduced the use of steel security booths for SOS. INSICO plans and produces various solutions for SOS booths complete with telephones and the necessary safety equipment.